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You were some one i never expected to meet.
well atleast not in my little wolrd.But when you came you toke my world by storm .
Time began to race past me like a strong powerfull wind.
I couldnt help but notice how shy and hestitant i was now that i look at it from far away
..I never thought someone like you would wanna stick around.
But then i toke you hand and went on that little journey the first time. under the stars
Twelve flights high, i was no longer afraid of heights nope not with you by my side but the first time ended in fire
A flame i couldnt see where the root of it came from
On the outside it was you .but..
I thought why, where is the guy i met before
The one that toke me high in the sky forgetting where i was.Only knowing your eyes into mine
. But those eyes that night were not yours Those eyes were cruel and nasty someone you werent .
those eyes burned me and broke me down. but i came back surprisingly i came back to who i was .
picking up pieces finding answers.then some months passed me by .
you come back looking the same but different . i could tell something else toke root in you .
maybe i could find more answers .
But when you came back and apologized i toke those words and believed them, not at first but
,when i did i believed everyword.Doing so opened up another door,
a door i wish stayed closed a door opened by me out of curiousity
and all the feeling left that you gave me high in the sky I locked it away when i should have set it free.
A year goes by i meet new people say goodbye to some Even goodbye to someone dear ..Desstry..
Now in year two year two wherei in my heart know that i have forgiven your destroying me the first time
I cant help but notice feelings rising in me . something ive battled for a while .
i tried and i tried to loose those emotions i tried to shake the girl in me that went 12 flights high.
I failed and in the time of everything rising ..the summer that is .
i saw something rising in us too.something i thought coudl never happen.
we were both alone or so i thought .so i toke a few steps up reaching by each week closer to you .
There you were waiting for me up top waiting till i was ready to hold your hand again.
MOnths passed June, JUly ,August..august ...alot of that time which i didnt see or hear from you
Then it went on to september .a very significant month indeed it is I was just half way up those stairs when i hear your voice again
....i went down i stair or two before your sudden appearance. i turn around and then here we are
. i questioned you again ."does your heart belong to someone else?" and like evrytime i ask you say "no "
at that point in time i began to believe your we spent a night under the stars till the sun rose .
.Then the next week past ..We like everyone else at this time a year go to the place that disappears
..Stays for three days then poof.
Those three days with people from all around
.we were here again and like last time , ahaha, you came around a later time .
Then i take your hand twelve flights high .
I was no longer afraid ,and no longer afraid to say what i truly felt
I let go and i stayed by your side the entire time .
weird how you never really opened up to me ...but i stayed anyway
you were my little mystery ...
The day goes by and hours seem to be flying slipping away from us ,
the time almost gone you said you would grab my hand and would never let me fall again never throw me down.
.so i finally reach the final stair and i grab your hand .
But then sadly...i missed some very important clues answers
doors i was supposed to open doors i should have seen but didnt see till i got up top. one door in particular ..
.so before the days in this place disappeared i asked again...
"Does your heart belong to someone else?" ...."no"
Let me see it and see it i sure did becasue when i looked in his eyes ..i didnt see mine.
Then i open the door.. there she was so close but so far away ..
she knew the people i knew but some how stayed so hiden amongst the lies..
Then like a storm my body began to tremble the stairs began to break ...
Before i could let you see my tears i yell i scream all while burning
I thought i cant let you see me like this ..never ..
i told you this is the last time you will see me ..
before turning to ash i looked straight at you
...two days past it rained and rained .. then day four the sun came through
and i began to rise again. Only thing left in my hand was a charm..and a picture
So i put them in a box never to look back into this again.
Those twelve floors that lead to you are steps i will never climb again
=_PhoeniX Bluefire_=
  • Listening to: chillstep


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